Thinking big about measuring
Small things

Precision Capacitive

MicroSense non-contact capacitive sensors are ideal for precise, linear position measurements and linear displacement sensing

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Solar Wafer Thickness

MicroSense in-line measurement modules offer unparalled throughput and stability for measurement of solar wafer thickness and TTV.

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Vibrating Sample

Our award winning Vibrating Sample Magnetometers are the easiest to use and most sensitive VSMs available.

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MRAM Magnetic Metrology

MicroSense offers a suite of automated magnetic measurement tools for in-plane and perpendicular STT-MRAM development and production including:

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Dimensional Wafer
Metrology Systems

Wafer measurement systems from MicroSense provide precise measuremet of wafer thickness and shape. Ideal for materials including sapphire, silicon, GaAs, InP, and SiC.

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About MicroSense

MicroSense has a singular focus on precision measurement. We provide customers with state-of-the-art measurement performance in our products - precision capacitive sensors for high resolution, non-contact position sensing; vibrating sample magnetometers and MOKE systems for magnetic property measurement; and wafer metrology systems for accurately measuring wafer thickness and shape.


Next generation EZ Series vibrating sample magnetometers offer exceptional field control resulting in faster magnetic measurements with improved sensitivity.