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MicroSense UltraMap-100

A Precise, Flexible Benchtop Wafer & Substrate Geometry Measurement System for Smaller Wafers

Make automatic, non-contact measurement of thickness, flatness and shape of wafers up to 4" diameter with this compact system.

  • The system very repeatably measures wafer thickness, TTV, and shape in compliance with SEMI standards.
  • Measure with sub-micron resolution and repeatability.
  • Exclusive non-contact sensing technology with dual White light chromatic coding probes (10nm resolution)
  • System accepts wafer sizes from 1” to 4” diameter (25 to 100mm). Thickness range - 50um to 3mm
  • User selectable number of measurement points
  • UltraMap measurement software features 2D & 3D mapping along with data export
  • Wafer positioning and wafer measurement are fully automatic.  Wafers are manually loaded into the wafer holder.
  • The system features in machine automated calibration.
  • Economical yet full featured system for measuring smaller substrates

Measure a Wide Range of Wafer Materials

  • Silicon
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Sapphire
  • Germanium
  • Compound Semi Wafers - GaAs, GaN, InP
  • Glass, Quartz, Ceramic

UltraMap Measurement Software - a powerful, versatile wafer data analysis tool for precise process control

UltraMap software provides a complete range of industry standard wafer thickness/flatness/shape measurements, including local and global flatness.

  UltraMap UMS-100-WLBT System

UltraMap Software - Wafer Map and
Data Display

Dual Probe System - One probe is
above the wafer and the other probe
is below the wafer

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