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UltraMap C200 Automated Wafer Measurement System for Silicon, Sapphire and Silicon Carbide

Next generation wafer metrology system measures silicon, sapphire and silicon carbide wafers with any surface finish with high throughput and high repeatability

Increase Sapphire Wafer Yield and Lower Production Cost with the UltraMap C200, the ideal metrology system for -

  • Incoming Quality Control at HB-LED chip fabs - identify and eliminate bad wafer lots before MOCVD and lithography.
  • Process Control during sapphire substrate fabrication - collect wafer data at every step during the sapphire wafer manufacturing process to improve yield - the UltraMap C200 measures any sapphire wafer surface and doesn't require a cleanroom.
  • Final Inspection of Sapphire Substrates - control for sapphire wafer Flatness, Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp and other dimensional parameters.  Correlate in process wafer data with finished wafer dimensions.

sapphire wafer measurement tool
UltraMap UMA-C200 System with full automation including robotic loading and 6 cassettes for binning.
A convenient benchtop version, the UltraMap UMB-C200, is also available.

Designed specifically for high throughput dimensional measurement of sapphire wafers for HB-LED manufacturing, the UltraMap C200 provides throughput of ninety 6” diameter sapphire wafers per hour with lowest cost of ownership (CoO). The UltraMap C200 utilizes MicroSense’s novel two sided capacitive sensing technology to measure sapphire wafer thickness, TTV (total thickness variation), bow, warp, and LTV (local thickness variation).

High Density Sapphire Wafer Measurement Data

  • More than 100,000 measured points per 6" wafer, with no sacrifice in throughput
  • Thickness and Global Flatness Measurements - TTV, TIR, FPD
  • Local Flatness: Local Thickness Variation (LTV), LTIR, LFPD
  • Bow, Warp and SORI

Fast, Accurate Sapphire Wafer Measurements

  • Throughput - up to 90 6" wafers per hour
  • 0.05 micron thickness repeatability
  • 2D and 3D mapping

Measures Wafers in any condition, with no decrease in tool throughput

  • Wafer sizes - 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm; thickness range 300 microns to 1300 microns
  • As sawn wafers
  • Ground wafers
  • Lapped wafers
  • Single side polished wafers
  • Double side polished wafers
  • Patterned sapphire substrates (PSS)

High Resolution Wafer Mapping

Wafer TTV Map

Wafer Shape Map 
Wafer LTV Map

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