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UltraMap 200-BP Automated Wafer Thickness and Flatness Measurement System

Measure any wafer or substrate regardless of the electrical or optical characteristics of the wafer

The UltraMap 200-BP Wafer measurement system precisely measures wafer thickness, flatness and shape using MicroSense's patented non-contact auto-probe back pressure technology.  The UltraMap 200-BP is an extremely flexible system since it can measure a wide range of wafer thicknesses and any wafer material.  Wafer surface finish has no effect on the measurement - the UltraMap BP-200 measures as sawn, lapped or polished wafers.

Wide Wafer Thickness Measurement Range - 50 microns to 3 mm thick

The UltraMap 200-BP measures very thin - as thin as 50 microns - and very thick wafers - as thick as 3 mm - without time consuming adjustment of the measurement system.  A variety of wafer holders are available for the system, we'll recommend one or more wafer holders based on the thickness and diameter of the wafers that are measured on the system.  Wafers and substrates can be round or square, and measure up to 200 mm in extent.

Measure Wafers with High Bow and Warp

The UltraMap 200-BP is designed to measure wafers with up to +/- 2500 microns of warp.

Accurate Wafer Measurement

  • 0.5 micron absolute thickness measurement accuracy on wafers with <500 micron bow
  • 1.5 micron absolute thickness accuracy on wafers with >500 micron and <1000 micron bow
  • Auto calibration of back pressure sensors with integrated calibration standards - no need for master wafers
  • High repeatability, non-contact air bearing stage for repeatable wafer positioning

System Configurations

The UltraMap 200-BP is offered in 3 configurations - manual loading bench top system, freestanding, autoloading system with robot and two cassettes, and fully auto sorting system with robot and up to 6 cassettes.

System Options

  • Wafer holders for various wafer diameters and thicknesses
  • Wafer pre-aligner
  • OCR reader - one side or two sides


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