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MicroSense, LLC

capacitive sensorMicroSense, LLC, previously known as ADE Technologies, is comprised of four primary businesses – wafer geometry metrology systems, precision capacitive sensors, vibrating sample magnetometers and magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) tools for state-of-the-art magnetic measurement. MicroSense serves a host of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, data storage, machine tool, solar, automotive and high brightness LED. MicroSense provides customer value and security, through extensive business experience, financial strength, world-wide support, and technical leadership. MicroSense was acquired by KLA Corporation on February 22, 2019.

Pioneering High Resolution Measurement with Capacitive Sensors

Founded in 1967 by Robert C. Abbe, our capacitive sensor business was originally a part of ADE Corporation. ADE Corporation was renowned for its visionary and novel approaches to high resolution, non-contact measurement for demanding dimensional gaging applications.  Over time, ADE grew to become the world's leading supplier of tools for bare semiconductor wafer measurement. High resolution capacitive sensors for position and displacement measurement (also known as “cap gages”) became synonymous with “ADE” and our trademarked name, “MicroSense”.

MicroSense provides capacitive sensors and OEM metrology modules, based on patented capacitive sensing technology, to make very precise, high bandwidth measurements of precision products such as solar wafers, sapphire wafers, hard disk drive motors, air bearing spindles, precision X-Y stages, optical disks, automotive parts and machine tools. Our capacitive displacement sensors provide the highest resolution in the industry, less than 0.05 nanometers, exceptional stability and virtually unlimited service life.

Award Winning Tools for Magnetic Measurement

The MicroSense magnetic metrology business was started as Digital Measurement Systems (DMS) over 25 years ago, and continued as a part of ADE Technologies since 1997.

With our team of world class experts in magnetic property measurement, MicroSense is the leading supplier of high sensitivity Vibrating Sample Magnetometers for magnetic measurement. Our vibrating sample magnetometers are available in several models with a variety of capabilities, field ranges, resolutions and options. Our VSM systems are used for fundamental magnetic research at the most prestigious magnetics laboratories worldwide in both academic and commercial realms. A range of in-line, production magnetic metrology tools are also offered to meet the stringent demands of manufacturing today's rapidly advancing hard disk storage systems.  In 2012, MicroSense introduced the world's first 300-mm ready non-contact magnetic property measurement tool (pictured at right) for MRAM wafer development and manufacturing.

Innovative Tools for Wafer Dimensional Measurement

MicroSense offers high-sensitivity wafer measurement tools for characterizing sapphire, silicon carbide and various types of semiconductor wafers. MicroSense acquired SigmaTech, Inc. of Tempe, Arizona in June, 2012.  With this acquisition, MicroSense added leading-edge wafer inspection tools to its portfolio of innovative metrology solutions. SigmaTech systems integrate multiple sensing technologies such as optical spectrometry, interferometry and SigmaTech’s patented auto-positioning back pressure (APBP) technology.