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Capacitive Position Sensors – Export Information

A U.S. Government issued export license is required for some of our products if they are exported or re-exported outside of the United States. Generally, no export license is required if the ultimate consignee is located within North America, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, or Australia.

Export or re-export to the following countries is currently prohibited - Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is responsible for implementing and enforcing the US Government Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which regulate the export and re-export of most commercial items. The BIS regulates as "dual-use" items that have both commercial and military or nuclear proliferation applications.

Complete details on the licensing process can be found on the BIS web site.

Capacitive Sensor Product Classification

Our capacitive sensors consist of two major components – the gauging module (demodulator) which contains the actual measurement circuitry, and the probe (sensor head) which has no inherent measurement capability without the demodulator. The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for gauging modules is 2B006.b.1.a., these products require an export license for export or re-export to certain countries as required by the BIS. Measurement probes and model 6360 are classified EAR 99 and do not require an export license.

Products classified ECCN 2B006.b.1.a –
Model 5810 Gauging Module Includes 5800 version and 5130 version
Model 6810 Gauging Module Includes 6800 version
Model 4810 Gauging Module Includes 4800, 4805 versions
Model 8810 Gauging Module Includes 8800 version
Model MicroSense Mini Nanopositioning Sensor

Country of Origin

The linear displacement gauging modules (commonly referred to as “capacitive gauges” or “capacitive sensors”) sold by MicroSense, LLC, are manufactured in the United States of America.

If export or re-export of these products is made after initial shipment from our plant in Westwood, MA, USA, MicroSense, LLC, may not be shown as the exporter of record.

Information and Documentation required for Export License Application

  • Completed BIS-711 Form – Statement by Purchaser and Ultimate Consignee
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Statement on the letterhead of the ultimate consignee
  • A description of the application and how the capacitive sensor will be used in the application by the ultimate consignee.
  • The exact name and address including telephone of any intermediate consignee.

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