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Capacitive Position Sensors – Obsolete Products

The following products are obsolete, and are no longer supported. Please contact us for a recommended replacement.

Model Description Comments
Model 6360 Software Versions prior to 3.1 Next generation HD model available as replacement
3800 Passive Gaging Module Replaced by Model 8810
3810, 3910 Passive Gaging System
3700FFT Spindle Metrology System Replaced by SpinCheck Metrology System
3600 PC-Installed gauging
PF Probes Passive Flat probes
PC Probes Passive Cylindrical probes
3500 Active Gauging system
3421 Active Gauging system
3046 Active Gauging system
3401 Active Gauging system
656 Active Gauging system
EPDB/1 Active Gauging module
AF Probes Active Flat probes
AC Probes Active Cylindrical probes
 5130 Active Gauging module Replaced by Model 5800, also requires new probe
 5601, 5602, 5603, 5604, 5605  Active Probes  

3800 User Guide – the user guide for the model 3800 is available for download.

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