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Capacitive Sensors – Support

MicroSense offers comprehensive support for capacitive position sensor customers – calibration, repairs and information on product support.

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Calibration and Repair Service

Do you need calibration certification of your capacitive position sensor to conform to ISO 9001?

MicroSense offers factory calibration service using our state-of-the-art calibration systems which include use of NIST traceable distance measuring interferometers. Third party calibration houses normally do not have this capability, factory calibration is recommended for best results. Each channel is returned to the customer with a certificate of calibration valid for 1 year and actual performance data for the channel. Read more

Having a problem with your sensor?

Our technicians will completely evaluate your sensor, make necessary repairs and verify calibration.

Export Information for Capacitive Position Sensors

A U.S. Government export license is required for some of our products if they are shipped outside the United States to other countries. Read more

Legacy Product Support – Capacitive Position Sensors

Since our sensors are completely non-contact, they offer virtually unlimited service life. Due to component availability issues, some products are made obsolete from time to time, please contact us for information on upgrading to a newer sensor. A list of obsolete products and some technical information for legacy products is available. Read more