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MicroSense - A KLA Company - Terms and Conditions

KLA Corporation’s General Terms and Conditions in effect as of the date hereof and located at www.kla.com/terms shall apply to any quote, order, and order acknowledgement and any sale, license, or delivery of hardware, software, services, or other new or refurbished products by any KLA Corporation entity (“KLA”) to any acquirer ("Customer"). KLA does not accept, expressly or impliedly, and KLA hereby rejects, any additional or different terms or conditions that Customer presents, including, but not limited to, any terms or conditions contained or referenced in any order, acceptance, acknowledgment, or other document, or established by trade usage or prior course of dealing, unless KLA expressly and unambiguously agrees to such terms and conditions in a duly signed writing. KLA Corporation and its subsidiaries reserve the right to (a) manufacture and/or deliver all or any part of a Customer's order from any applicable KLA manufacturing facility or facilities, including, but not limited to KLA’s manufacturing facility in Singapore and (b) provide personnel for installation and other engineering support for any part of a Customer's order, including any after-sales activities, from any applicable KLA Corporation subsidiary worldwide.