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DiskMapper H8 System

DiskMapper H8The DiskMapper H8 system quickly determines the uniformity of the perpendicular recording layer of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), also called Thermally Assisted Recording (TAR) disks, immediately after deposition, an important factor in the yield of disk drives. Utilizing a custom 8 Tesla bi-polar high speed superconducting magnet, the hysteresis loop of any disk location can be measured in less than 3 minutes. By using full cassette automation and double-sided measurement capability, the DiskMapper H8 system is both an R&D and production tool.


  • Non-destructive, non-contact double-sided mapping of the magnetic properties of HAMR/TAR media.
  • Rapid process feedback enhances control of the deposition process, measuring Hc, Hn, S, S* and other key properties of the recording layer.
  • High-throughput ± 8 Tesla production tool with automated cassette handling
  • Disk Heat option allows temperature-dependent measurements.

Recoil loop measurements and other complex measurements may be programmed using the macro language module

Easy to use GUI for recipe creation