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Polar Kerr System for Perpendicular MRAM

World's First 300-mm Ready Non-Contact Magnetic Property Metrology System for MRAM


The Polar Kerr System for MRAM utilizes the polar Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of multi-layer wafers used in the development and manufacturing of perpendicular MRAM. Utilizing a non-contact full-wafer measurement technique, the system creates a map of the magnetic properties of entire wafers up to 300 mm. The system is available in a manual loading or fully-automated configuration for use in R&D and/or production. Using the proprietary direct field control technique of MicroSense magnetic metrology tools, the Polar Kerr for MRAM system offers high field capabilities and low field resolution to characterize free and pinned layer properties in a single system.


• Non-contact mapping of the magnetic properties of perpendicular MRAM wafers up to 300mm.

• Maximum field of ± 2.4 T for full stack measurements, field resolution of 0.05 Oe for free layer measurements in a single system.

• Measurement of patterned magnetic features using integrated high-resolution camera and Optical Pattern Recognition (OPR) software.

• Characterization of multi-layer soft and hard magnetic films.


 Full wafer maps analyze magnetic uniformity of the magnetic layers of the MRAM wafer stack

 High Field (Full Stack) Measurement of a Perpendicular MRAM Multi-layer stack