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2800 Series Probes

Many sensor heads, or probes, are available for use with our 4800 series and 8800 series capacitive position sensor. The resolution of our capacitive position sensors is determined by a combination of the active sensing area of the probe, the measurement range, and the measurement bandwidth of the electronics unit (demodulator). Please refer to the Model 4810 data sheet for complete details on probe selection, including mechanical dimensions of our standard probes.

Completely non-contact design – use the full measurement range without contacting the target

  • Unlike competitive products, all MicroSense sensors are designed so that the full measurement range is available without contacting the target. Even at the near standoff position, there is always a gap between the probe face and the target.
  • Grounded target design means that only a single measurement probe is required – a significant advantage over dual sensor, parallel plate designs, especially in space restricted applications.
  • Essentially zero thermal dissipation – no electronic components in the probe head.

Many probe sizes and shapes are available to meet your exact requirements

Cylindrical probes with sensor sizes from 0.5 mm diameter to 10 mm diameter

Low profile probes

Custom OEM probes