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Precision Capacitive Position Sensor – Model 4810

The MicroSense model 4810 is a non-contact precision position sensor. The 4810 is optimized for short range displacement measurement applications that require best possible linearity and stability.

Capacitive Sensor Model 4810

The MicroSense low noise advantage - position sensors with nanometer resolution, high stability and unparalleled accuracy 

  • Ideal for non-contact displacement measurement and dimensional measurement over short ranges, from ± 5 micrometers up ± 2 millimeters.
  • High accuracy – 0.02% full scale linearity is typical, with no cyclical error or hysteresis
  • Use with any grounded, conductive target - material or surface finish has no effect on accuracy
  • Very stable – essentially zero thermal dissipation from the sensor head

A Capacitive Position Sensor that is Easy to Set Up

Capacitive position sensors from MicroSense use a single sensor to detect your grounded, conductive target – much more compact than dual sensor designs.

The MicroSense 4810 includes a compact electronics module (demodulator), with connections for analog sensor output. The sensor head, or probe, which detects the target, is connected to the electronics module via a 3 meter long cable. A low noise power supply is included.

  • Our 2800 series probes are available with a variety of sensor sizes to meet your exact performance requirements.
  • Industry standard ± 10 volt analog output via a BNC jack on the front panel for easy connection to oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers or computer-based A/D boards.
  • The easy-to-read front panel meter simplifies probe set up.
  • Model 4800 3U Eurocard rack mount version also available
Standoff is the distance from the target to the face of the sensor – unlike competitive products, our sensors are designed to provide full measurement range without contacting the target. Learn more