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Capacitive Displacement Sensor – Model 5810

The MicroSense Model 5810 is a single channel, non-contact precision capacitive displacement sensor. Designed for high dynamic applications, the Model 5810 provides high resolution with measurement bandwidth up to 100 kHz

Capacitive Sensor Model 5810

  • Ideal for non-contact displacement measurement and dimensional measurement over short ranges, from ± 5 micrometers up to ± 0.5 millimeters.
  • Reliably measure even poorly grounded targets such as air bearing spindles and motors.
  • High resolution – nanometer and sub-nanometer resolution is possible. Resolution is determined by sensor size, range and measurement bandwidth.
  • Use with any grounded, conductive target - material or surface finish has no effect on accuracy
  • Selectable measurement bandwidth – 1, 5, 20 or 100 kHz.

Select from a variety of available measurement probes to maximize measurement resolution.

Our 5000 series probes are available with a sensor sizes from 0.5 mm diameter up to 5 mm diameter to meet your exact performance requirements.

The MicroSense 5810 includes a compact electronics module (demodulator), with connections for analog sensor output. The sensor head, or probe, which detects the target, is connected to the electronics module via a 3 meter long cable. An isolated, low noise power supply is included.

  • Industry standard ± 10 volt analog output via a BNC jack on the front panel for easy connection to oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers or computer-based A/D boards.
  • The easy-to-read front panel meter simplifies probe set up.
  • Model 5800 3U Eurocard rack mount version also available

Available Models

5810 Single channel, stand alone displacement sensor with external low noise power supply
5800 Single channel, 3U high Eurocard for rack mounting
5300 Portable measurement console, holds 1 to 4 channels of 5800 module, includes integral power supply and large analog meter