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Capacitive Position Sensor for Nanopositioning – MicroSense Mini

The MicroSense Mini is a compact, high resolution linear displacement sensor designed specifically for providing servo system feedback, especially for OEM applications.

The MicroSense Mini is a precision linear position sensor which delivers nanometer level resolution over measurement ranges up to a millimeter. The Mini is ideal for short travel, precision positioning applications – providing position feedback in mechanisms such as piezo driven positioning stages, micro-actuators, and scanning probe microscope stages. Based on advanced capacitive sensing technology, the MicroSense Mini uses any grounded, conductive surface as a target – no linear scale or mirror is required – providing direct measurement of the moving target.

Nanometer Resolution for Precision Stages over Ranges up to 200 µm

  • High accuracy, fast response – 0.02% full scale linearity is typical, with no cyclical error or hysteresis
  • Works with any conductive target, material or finish has no effect on accuracy
  • Directly measures the target with super-small sensor heads, eliminating Abbé offset errors
  • Easy installation – sensor head mounts in a simple precision hole
  • Serial communications port for “in machine” calibration

MicroSense Mini Configuration

  • The MicroSense Mini consists of a compact electronics module (demodulator), with connections for power, analog sensor output and a serial port.
  • The sensor head, which detects the target, is connected to the electronics module via a 1.5 meter long cable
  • A variety of sensor sizes are available - sensor size is determined by the measurement range and resolution required.
  • An optional low noise isolated power supply is available.