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Displacement Measurement Software - NanoDAQ

Displacement Measurement and Data Acquisition SystemNanoDAQ is a powerful, software based instrument designed to make a variety of high resolution linear displacement measurements, log the measurement data in real time and export the data for further analysis.

  • NanoDAQ is designed to operate with our high resolution, non-contact linear displacement sensors which are capable of measuring down to the sub-nanometer level.
  • NanoDAQ standard measurement functions include linear displacement, TIR (Total Indicator Reading), Peak Hold, A+B, A-B and Thickness.
  • Real time data acquisition and data logging - data is easily exported to Excel, MathCAD and other popular programs for analysis
  • Modular design, 1 to 12 measurement channels
  • Includes National Instruments 200 kS/s, 16 bit DAQ card
  • Easy-to-use and set up, software and DAQ card are installed on user’s PC
  • Windows based operator interface
  • Data capture initiated via operator interface or external hardware trigger

NanoDAQ is easy to use – start making measurements right away

The NanoDAQ is available in a standard version which supports two measurement channels, and includes everything necessary to operate - software, DAQ card, interface module for two gauges and cables. The software and DAQ card are installed in the user’s Window’s based PC. For users requiring more than two measurement channels, two modular racks are available which will hold up to 12 gauging modules.