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Spindle Measurement Metrology System - SpinCheck

Measure and analyze spindle and motor performance with our SpinCheck spindle metrology system and non-contact capacitive displacement sensors

The SpinCheck system includes a desktop PC, data acquisition and timing boards, comprehensive SpinCheck measurement and analysis software, and associated cables and accessories. SpinCheck measures and stores all data for analysis, display, printout or storage for future use.

Accurately Measure Error Motion of any Rotating Mechanism

  • Designed to operate with our non-contact precision capacitive sensors which provide nanometer resolution.
  • Advanced, patented asynchronous sampling technique accurately measures periodic and non-periodic errors.
  • Measures both time-dependent and frequency-dependent parameters
  • Provides up to 6 measurement channels
  • Production mode tests for pre-set limits

Comprehensive Analysis Tools make SpinCheck a “must have” for Development Labs

Time and Frequency Domain Data Analysis

  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Graphing Capabilities
  • Single Screen Display of Multiple Graphs
  • Polar and Cartesian graphs for TIR and AEM (NRRO)
  • FFT of Complete Data
  • Display Limits for AEM, NRR and TIR

FFT Analysis

  • Windowing Options (Hamming, Hanning, None)
  • Waterfall
  • User-defined FFT Tolerance Limit Banding