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Capacitive Sensors for Vibration Measurement

Non-contact precision capacitive sensors feature small, low mass sensors heads and fast response time, so they are well suited for measuring vibration in a variety of high performance machines including precision X-Y stages, machine tools, high speed printing equipment and semiconductor fabrication equipment.

  • Ideal for vibration measurement applications where it is not possible or practical to use an accelerometer.
  • For precision stages used in semiconductor manufacturing, it is possible to measure vibration of the stage stack at the wafer plane, without adding mass to the wafer chuck.
  • Use for non-contact measurement of structural vibration in precision scanning stages to determine effect vertical vibration relative to system optics. This provides the design engineer with a powerful diagnostic tool when evaluating the structural rigidity of scanning systems.
  • Capacitive sensors provide servo system feedback for high performance, active vibration isolation systems.

Recommended Products
Demodulator Sensor Series Application
Model 8810 2800 series Vibration measurement, up to 20 KHz measurement bandwidth
Model 6810 6000 Series Vibration measurement, up to 100 KHz measurement bandwidth