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Capacitive Sensors for Distance and Displacement Measurement

Among displacement measurement systems, only capacitive sensors offer the resolution of distance measuring interferometers. Since capacitive sensors are completely non-contact, they will not perturb the target being measured through contact or by adding mass. Typical uses of our sensors as a displacement measurement system include:

  • Measuring axial displacement of shafts, precision ball screws and diaphragms.
  • Repeatability measurement of precision mechanisms and stages.
  • Non-contact dimensional measurement of machined parts.
  • Precision bearing measurement

Straightness & Flatness Measurement of Precision Stages

MicroSense capacitive sensors provides a method for making direct measurements of straightness and flatness of high precision machine tools and stages, without the averaging errors found in laser interferometer based systems.


Recommended Products
Demodulator Sensor Series Application
Model 4810 2800 series General purpose displacement measurement requiring good stability
Model 8810 2800 series General purpose displacement measurement requiring good stability; testing of precision stages