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Rotational Run Out Measurement for Spindle Measurement

Capacitance position sensors are particularly well suited for measuring the performance of high speed air bearing spindles and other rotating shafts. Since capacitive gauges provide high measurement bandwidth and fast response, they are capable of gathering data even as the spindle or shaft sweeps through its entire speed range.

As probe noise is often the limiting factor in making critical asynchronous error motion measurements, MicroSense has developed special ultra-low noise capacitance gauges and probes specifically for high dynamic run out measurement applications.

Spindle Runout Measurement and Hard Disk Drive Spindle Motor Measurement

MicroSense capacitive sensors enable dynamic measurement of high speed spindle runout to verify spindle performance specifications. Since the capacitive sensors are capable of nanometer resolution, data can be captured to measure and analyze both repeatable run out (RRO) and non-repeatable runout (NRRO). MicroSense non-contact measurement probes have standard sensors as small as 0.5 mm diameter so that measurements can be made at the toolpoint, using ground cylindrical targets.

Recommended Products
Demodulator Sensor Series Application
Model 5810 5000 series Rotational run out measurement 
Model 6810 6000 series Ultra high resolution rotational run out measurement
Model 8810 2800 series Rotational runout measurement of slower moving, well grounded targets 
SpinCheck Spindle Metrology System   Complete measurement system including data capture and analysis