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Capacitive Position Sensors - Applications

Capacitive position sensors offer the following major advantages compared to other types of precision position sensors –

  • Capacitive sensors provide high resolution, down to the nanometer level, over short ranges – typically from 10 micrometers up to 2 millimeters.
  • Capacitive sensors are completely non-contact, and work with and conductive, grounded target
  • Capacitive sensors offer high measurement bandwidth – up to 10 KHz, 20 KHz or 100 KHz, depending upon model

Our sensors are used in many different applications in a variety of industries, links to application examples are provided below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.


  • Servo system feedback sensor for nanopositioners
  • Position sensor for fast tool servo
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Distance and Displacement Measurement

  • Dimensional gaging and inspection
  • Axial shaft displacement measurement
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Run Out Measurement

  • Precision motor and shaft run out measurement
  • Spindle metrology and spindle run out measurement
  • Straightness and flatness measurement of precision stages
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  • Magnetic media thickness measurement
  • Blu-ray disc stamper thickness measurement
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Autofocus and Nulling


  • Precision stage vibration measurement
  • Shaft vibration measurement
  • Feedback sensor for active vibration isolation systems
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