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Precision Capacitive Sensors for Accurate Position Measurement

Non-contact Position Measurement with High Resolution over Short Ranges

Capacitive sensors from MicroSense offer the lowest noise performance of any commercially available capacitive sensor, achieving nanometer and even picometer resolution.  Several types of sensors are available - these "application specific" capacitive position sensors are optimized for either high stability and linearity or highest measurement bandwidth for fast response. 

All MicroSense® precision capacitive sensors feature:

  • Completely non-contact capacitive position measurement - the most accurate electrical sensing technology available
  • Detection of any conductive, grounded target – surface finish or material have no effect on accuracy
  • Optimized for short measurement ranges –10 micrometers up to 4 millimeters, depending upon sensor size

"What is the best capacitive sensor for my position sensing application?"

MicroSense capacitive sensors are designed for demanding, real world applications, especially where the best possible measurement performance is required. The following product selector offers guidance on available sensor types.  Please contact us with your exact requirements, we'll respond quickly with our recommendation.

Capacitive Sensors - High Accuracy and High Stability


MicroSense 4800 Series

Designed for best linearity and stability, the 4800 series is our most versatile all around position sensor. Read More


MicroSense 8800 Series

Designed for best linearity and stability, with measurement bandwidth up to 20 kHz – ideal for servo system position feedback and fast tool servo applications. Ultra low noise design, sub-nanometer resolution. Read More

Capacitive Sensors - High Resolution and High Bandwidth


MicroSense 5800 Series

Designed for high dynamic applications – high resolution with measurement bandwidth up to 100 kHz. Reliably measure even poorly grounded targets such as air bearing spindles and motors. Read More

MicroSense 6800 Series

Our lowest noise sensor achieves picometer resolution. State-of-the-art design provides high resolution with increased standoff from the sensor to the target. Read More

Nanopositioning Sensors, Capacitive Sensors for High Vacuum

MicroSense Mini

A compact, cost effect nanopositioning sensor for Original Equipment Manufacturers – ideal for use in piezo driven flexure stages and other short travel nanopositioners. Read More

Sensors for Measurement in Vacuum Environments

We specialize in low out-gassing sensors for ultra clean, high vacuum and UHV applications Read More

Measurement Systems

MicroSense 6360 Thickness Measurement Gauge

Non-contact, bench top precision thickness measurement gage for CD stampers, DVD stampers and disk media. Read More

MicroSense SpinCheck Spindle Metrology System

Ideal for measurement of repeatable run out and non-repeatable run out of hard disk drive spindle motors and other precision, rotating mechanisms. Read More

Capacitive Sensor Applications Guide


Recommendations on using our sensors for a variety of applications. Read More