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MicroSense Dimensional Wafer Metrology Systems

The highest uptime, lowest cost of ownership wafer measurement systems in the industry

Dimensional wafer metrology systems from MicroSense offer precise, non-contact, automated geometric measurements of wafers including silicon, GaAs, InP, Sapphire, SiC, solar and TAIKO wafers.  Our systems are ideal for automated wafer measurement of MEMS and TSV devices, including measurement of trenches, 3D structures, TSV via dimensions and film thickness.  For measurement and control of backend preparations, our systems measure stacked wafers, ultra thin wafers and wafers on tape.

"Which wafer measurement system is best for measuring my wafers or devices?"

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Wafer Metrology System Selection Guide


Precision Capacitive Position Sensors Microsense 4800 SeriesUltraMap-300

Automated wafer thickness measurement and wafer sorting system. Measure and sort wafers based on thickness, TTV, bow, warp, LTV.  100 mm to 300 mm diameter wafers.  Read More



The world's first 300mm fully automated TSV and deep trench metrology system capable of characterizing TSV and deep trench features from both the front and back sides of the wafer.   Read More


Features IR interferometry probe technology, ideal for measuring thickness and shape of wafers with backgrinding tape, wafers on sawframe, dies on tape, wafers with bumps, SOI and bonded wafers.  Read More


Automated measurement of non-silicon wafers, ceramics, glass and sapphire wafers in clean or non-controlled environments. Features our patented non-contact APBP back pressure measurement technology.   Read More


Versatile, flexible benchtop system using dual White Light chromatic coding probes for wafers up to 200 mm diameter, or solar wafers up to 156 mm squre.  Measure thickness, TTV, bow, warp and surface roughness.   Read More


Benchtop system with White Light chromatic coding probes for measuring up to 4" wafers, cassette to cassette loading or manual versions.  Ideal for production control of small wafers, SiC, sapphire, glass, GaN Memory Disks and InP.  Read More


A manual wafer measuremnt system that uses our patented non-contact APBP back pressure  measurement teachnology.  Ideal for thin wafers and wafers on a sawframe.  Measures all materials, all surfaces.   Read More