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MicroSense PV-6060 Non-Contact Photovoltaic Wafer Thickness, TTV and Resistivity Measurement Module

High Stability, In-Line Solar Wafer Measurement Module for Process Control and Quality Assurance


The MicroSense PV-6060 is a high accuracy metrology module that offers unparalleled throughput and stability for measurement of solar wafer thickness, wafer total thickness variation (TTV) and wafer resistivity. All measurements are completely non-contact with real time analog outputs, for high throughput without wafer breakage. Designed for simple integration into automated wafer transports, the PV-6060 is intended for use by OEMs manufacturing in-line solar wafer inspection and sorting systems.

Non-Contact Solar Wafer Measurements

Solar Wafer Thickness and TTV – 1 or 3 measurement tracks
Solar Wafer Resistivity
Solar Wafer P or N Conductivity Type (optional)


Advanced high stability, low noise capacitive sensor design for sub-micron resolution and very repeatable thickness measurement

Non-contact capacitive sensors provide true wafer surface measurement – wafer surface finish has no effect on thickness measurement accuracy

5 mm diameter sensors are used for thickness measurement, providing high spatial resolution and measurement close to wafer edge

Modular design – flexible configurations for OEMs, designed for easy integration into systems with existing wafer transports and conveyors