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ProcessView Wafer Visualization and Analysis System

A Powerful Analysis Tool for Fab Engineers - Capture Real-Time Wafer Data and Wafer Maps to Reduce Scrap and Rework


Benefits of ProcessView

  • Visualize Large Wafer Datasets
  • Compare Wafers Measured at Multiple Process Steps
  • Connect Multiple MicroSense Wafer Metrology Systems to a common Data Server

ProcessView continuously monitors MicroSense diimensional wafer measurement systems, capturing data and wafer maps in real-time.  ProcessView is a client server enterprise solution comprising a powerful backend MySQL database. The ProcessView client allows multiple process engineers to simultaneously query, retrieve analyze and compare wafer quality.


  • Wafer Query

  • Visual Wafer Gallery

  • Wafer Map Viewer

  • PDF Report Generator

  • CSV Data Export

Query By Lot, Wafer ID, Date, Range, Measurement Value        Load, Sort and Filter Measurement Data
 Powerful Wafer Gallery        PDF Report Generator