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User Guides and Manuals for Capacitive Position Sensors

MicroSense offers capacitive position sensor user guides and manuals for download to current customers.  The products below are currently available capacitive sensors and measurement systems.  A list of products no longer supported is located in the Legacy Product section.

For best results, use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher.  


User Guides and Manuals

MicroSense 4800 Series (771.31 KB)
Includes models 4800, 4800-3800, 4805, 4810, 4810S
MicroSense 5800 Series (695 KB)
Includes models 5800 and 5810
MicroSense 6800 Series (1.54 MB)
Includes models 6800 and 6810
MicroSense 8800 Series (227.17 KB)
Includes models 8800 and 8810
MicroSense 5300 Series (1.19 MB)
User guide for model MSII 5300 Gauging Console